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Essential Components of a Youth Strength and Conditioning Program

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The youth strength and conditioning program has become a major selling point for many training facilities lately. I have even seen under armor adds promoting youth conditioning in their advertisements for their clothes. Companies are now incorporating super heroes, and other fictional characters into their clothing in order to make training more appealing to youth athletes. Many private strength and …

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Your Situation is not My Situation

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Strength and conditioning is a rapidly growing industry. Much the same as many industries in the modern world with the invention of rapid data transmitting technologies such as the internet, smart phones, eBooks and other mediums which make the abundance of information available to anyone who wants it. Some of these mediums have also increase the contact between people, it …

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Shut off Your Screens to Lose Your Belly Fat

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It is no secret that lack of sleep is strongly associated with the amount of body fat that you carry. This is especially true with your Belly fat. Poor sleeping patterns can affect your circadian rhythm and lead to changes in your hormone levels. More specifically, growth hormone and cortisol levels may be thrown out of whack. Growth hormone is …

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Training Lessons From Video Games

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  Growing up in the 80s and 90s I was introduced to video games. For today’s youth gaming has become a cultural phenomenon with people even making their careers out of playing them, turning their skills into careers and world championships being played out at Super Bowl-level events. Some of my favorites as a kid were Mario brothers, final fantasy, …

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4 Ways to Make Protein Oatmeal

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Recently I have been working with more clients regarding their nutrition. Most of them are generally good at accepting a little more protein in their diet as a way to promote recovery, and build muscle. Also this added protein can help to increase their satisfaction between meals allowing them to consume fewer calories in total which helps with losing body …

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Strength Coach Concussion Primer

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Recently concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries have been gaining significant exposure in the media. The NHL, NFL and other sporting organizations have made the dangers of concussions public in an attempt to change the games. This article will act as a Strength Coach concussion primer, and provide the necessary information for the strength coach. Concussion rates are estimated to …

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Youth Training Establishing the Fundamentals

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“Why isn’t my son/daughter sweating?” Ever heard this phrase? As a physical preparation coach in the private sector that often works in youth training, I have heard this more than a few times. The fact of the matter is that the perception of training has become skewed in many people’s eyes. With cross fit commercials of people pushing themselves to …

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Guest Post: The Smallest Worthwhile Change

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Another Post From Strength and Performance Coach. Cory Kennedy, M.Sc. You can find Cory on His Website at   There is a concept in high performance of the smallest worthwhile change. It is a concept born out in statistics about what type of intervention is necessary to change your placing in competition. For example, the 100m dash in the …

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Creating a Great Pre-Workout Meal

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I often am asked what to eat in order to have a kick ACE training session. Usually this is highly dependent on the individual however there are a few rules that you can follow to help maximize the pre-workout meal effectiveness. So let me outline my list for effective pre-workout meal strategies. Include a Source of Protein It goes without …

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Working With the Female Athlete: Part 2

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In part 1, we discussed the need for a structured strength and conditioning program in order to reduce the incidence of all injury. If you missed it you can find it [HERE]. With this piece we will attempt to explore specific training that has been used successfully in the minimization of ACL injuries in female populations. It should also be …